Vermont Coverts: Woodlands for Wildlife Inc.
PO Box 328, Vergennes, Vermont 05491

COVERT, an English word dating to the 14th century, refers to a dense thicket that provides shelter for wildlife.

Public Education

To meet its mission Vermont Coverts produces, sponsors and co-sponsors a number of programs and workshops to educate landowners about sound forest management and wildlife stewardship.


Vermont Coverts Programs & Workshops Cooperator Training Program

An intensive 3-day seminar on forest and wildlife management is held each spring and fall for landowners and interested parties. The program involves classroom and field studies taught by a variety of professionals. The seminar is free to participants and includes food, lodging and materials. In exchange, participants agree to share information on forest management with others in their community for at least one year. Community sharing by graduates (called Cooperators) may involve demonstrating forest management activities on their land, speaking to community organizations, writing short articles for newspapers, organizing workshops for woodland owners, or enhancing local public wildlife policy. Cooperators, now numbering over 500, have been instrumental in creating an information network that has helped other landowners make more informed decisions about managing their land. A $100 fee (refundable at completion of the program) is required to secure a space. 

The 2016 workshops will be held May 20-22 at the Farm and Wilderness Camp in Plymouth, VT and September 9-11at the Keho Conservation Camp in Hydeville, VT.  

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8:15am             Arrive and check in
8:30                  Welcome & Introductions and Overview of Vermont Coverts  
9:00                  Forest Ecology
10:00                Break
10:20                Silviculture: the Art and Science of Managing Trees
11:30                Managing Woodlands for Wildlife
12:30                Lunch
1:30                  Activity:  Peter’s Parcel – Thinking Like a Manager   
2:30                  Field Session at Kehoe Conservation Camp
5:00                  Social Hour
6:00                  Dinner
7:15                  Planning and Implementing Forest Management
8:15                  Campfire
7:30am            Breakfast
8:30am            Creating a Vision for Your Forestland (and helping others do the same)
9:15am            Wildlife of Vermont Forests
10:00               Break
10:15               Carbon Sequestration – What is it and what does it mean to a landowner?
11:15               What is going on in Forest Policy
12:15               Lunch/Annual Meeting/Awards
1:45                  Bats
3:00                  Meet and Leave for Field Tour at Peter Upton’s
6:30                  Dinner
7:30                  Wildlife Inventory and Monitoring
8:30                  Adjourn
7:30                  Breakfast
8:30                  Working with Professionals
9:15                  The Workings of Vermont Coverts
10:00                Break
10:15                Effective Outreach
12:30pm            Lunch
1:15                  Assemble for Class Picture
1:30                  What Needs to be Done and How Do We Do It? –
                          Planning Exercise - Making a Personal Commitment to the Coverts Mission
2:15                  Wrap Up and Workshop Evaluation
2:30                  Adjourn

Forest Stewardship Workshop Series.

Forest Stewardship Workshops are 1-day programs focused on a specific forest and/or wildlife management topic. Balanced with indoor and outdoor sessions, these workshops have included topics such as wildlife management options, mapping, vernal pool management, estate planning, cross boundary management, and natural communities identification.




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