Vermont Coverts: Woodlands for Wildlife Inc.
PO Box 328, Vergennes, Vermont 05491

COVERT, an English word dating to the 14th century, refers to a dense thicket that provides shelter for wildlife.

                              Vermont Coverts Celebrates 30 Years!

2016 Training Dates Announced:  May 20-22 and September 9-11.  Click onthe education tab to learn more!

We had a wonderful Annual Meeting on September 12th.  Congratulations to our newly elected Council members:  Tina Barney, Blair Brooks, John Evans, and John Mejia.  Also Congratulations to our award recipients:  MaryBeth Adler and John McNerney!  

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Vermont Coverts is dedicated to educating landowners in sound forest management practices and the principles of stewardship for the enhancement of wildlife. The goal is to help woodland owners become aware that sound forest management includes much more than timber, pulp and firewood production. Over the years, Coverts management practices have benefited over 200,000 acres of Vermont forests demonstrating that well-planned forest management and the enhancement of wildlife habitat can go hand in hand.


Coverts Cooperators have influenced the management practices on over 200,000 acres of forestland. Here are some of the typical comments from Vermont forestland owners who have worked with or become Vermont Coverts Cooperators:

  • "In less than two years after making the small patch cuts, I have noticed an increase in both deer and ruffed grouse on my property."
  • "By laying out the logging trails in advance we were able to create a wonderful network for exploring the woods - grandchildren love it."
  • "We wanted to work with a forester after talking with Jack (a VT Coverts Cooperator). He really opened our eyes to the many goals that can be reached by a management plan."

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Coverts is an English word dating to the 14th century, Pronounced "cuv-erts" not "coe-verts". It refers to dense thickets that provide shelter for wildlife.   

Vermont Coverts; Woodlands for Wildlife; Inc.
PO Box 328, Vergennes, Vermont 05491
Phone: 802-877-2777

Vermont Coverts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


2015 Sponsors:

Vermont Bookshop

In the spring of 2007, Becky and Chris Dayton bought 38 Main Street and embarked on a bold, but historically sensitive renovation. While the appearance of the store changed dramatically, the Daytons retained the shop's loyal staff and set about to rehabilitate the building's lovely historical features. Layer upon layer of drab paint was stripped from every possible surface to reveal warm brickwork, locally quarried marble, hand-carved oak woodwork, and a spectacular tin ceiling.

Today the Vermont Book Shop is poised securely between its historic past as Robert Frost's favorite bookstore and its future, which while not yet known in a rapidly changing economy and technological landscape, holds the promise of a civic-minded, committed young family at its helm.


Welcome to our website! We hope it is informative and the content and links herein prove educational to you. Follow the links to detailed information about Vermont Coverts and its programs. Join us in keeping Vermont's forests and wildlife healthy and productive.



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